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Emerging from the heart of East End of Glasgow, director Linda McDonald Cairns has an unwavering passion for delving into unique narratives and shedding light on characters often relegated to the sidelines of our world.


Her debut venture into the realm of fictional storytelling, "Mulo," not only marked her first foray as a writer and director but also clinched The Best First Time Director Award at the London International Film Awards, a well-deserved recognition of her creative dedication.


Linda's commitment to diverse voices extends to the world of documentaries as well. Her collaboration with Syrian based artist Nouman Issa,  "Reflections of a Syrian Artist," resonated with audiences and earned its rightful spot as an official selection at notable events such as LIDF & Sheffield Doc Fest/Doc Player, alongside a notable presence at The Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival.


Presently, her artistic energies are channeled into "Dani_El," a poignant film weaving the threads of Romanian language and LGBTQ+ themes, all set against the backdrop of London's vibrant cityscape. Through her work, Linda Cairns redefines the art of storytelling, humbly contributing to the rich tapestry of cinematic expression.

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